Swiss Crowd SA is a Swiss society with its own operational headquarters set in Lugano.
The platform cooperates with many relevant societies in the fields of property consultancy, fiscality, legality and notarial activities in order to put the customers in safe and professional hands. In addition we can introduce you to the most important banks that operate in the Swiss territory.



The services that we provide for an ICO are extensive. Our dedicated team makes it a priority to support you through the whole process of an ICO rather than just provide technological support. We know exactly where your potential for improvement is. Work along with our professionals that will take care for all ICO stages. Our methodology to help launching your ICO includes continuously researching & analyzing the best practices without neglecting the ICO's social context and competitors. From there, we derive customized services in order to attract investments to your project and to develope a sustainable growth strategy. We are specialized in legal, financial, marketing and post-ico services.


Our Advisors will help you to plan, manage and launch your Token sale.
We can assist you from the ideation phase until post-ICO.


The Legal implications of running your ICO is present in all your offering documents and material. This is why having legal support is essential for your ICO.


First we want to attract Cryptocurrency Investors to your project. Combining our ICO & marketing expertise, we focus on creating a seamless process to develop high converting ICO’s


Much attention has been paid to regulatory issues in connection with token issuances. Less attention has been paid to the potential tax issues that may arise for both issuers and investors. But these issues are just as real and we want to help you.


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